April Showers us With Great Food!

Well the weather didn’t dampen our spirits, though it dampened everything else! I confess I am a divided hostess, with one foot in the world of vegan cooking and one foot in the world of at-risk readers. However, the rest of you were at the top of your game. Though Roger offered more succulent food drawings, I think an enticing array of the name cards will suffice.

shoes and name cards 003

Why is it I never actually get to see Marie?? Speaking of name cards, Griff has nominated a committee to get us some–for people! With so many new people coming every month, it does seem inevitable. BUT to keep it as low-waste as possible, we’ll opt for the necklace version and you can leave them at our house until next time. Thank you, Christine, for your assistance with this. Until the name tags emerge, go back and look at your photos! to reacquaint yourself with your new friends.

Our special guest Kelly LeCoy of Uptown Kitchen is pictured here (on the right) with Caitlin Prins (left) and Kelly Elders (middle).

fruit basket and supper club 020

Below, Parag and Rosebud show us some of their bounty.

fruit basket and supper club 014

Christine, Jamie and Susan found a corner table to enjoy visiting.

fruit basket and supper club 022

It was delightful to have Oliver, food enthusiast and gardener, bring his mom, Catherine Creamer, to their first supper club. They are pictured here with friend Meribeth Nudelman-Fields (on the left)

fruit basket and supper club 016

Michael, Roger and Johnny decided to wait for the crowd to subside before filling up their plates.

fruit basket and supper club 017

Though the dessert table was a bit sparse–noticeably absent were bakers Kris, Morgan and Molly, Rosebud brought a lovely applesauce cake and there was a blueberry dessert that–well even the crumbs were gone–thank you, Tillie! Still the stews and soups and grain salads were amazing. Geoff brought a polenta cake topped by carmelized leeks, Michele Sellers brought an amazing yam and peanut stew with kale and Kevin Schalkofski brought pizzas from the new Kult Pizza. I do believe there were some ‘chicken’ wings from Stella’s, courtesy of Dave Ogren.

fruit basket and supper club 012

You tell me, do these ladies look satisfied? Jillane and Medha, of course!

fruit basket and supper club 023

And Suzie MacKeigan…

fruit basket and supper club 021

Our next supper club is May 15. Before you dot another i, put that on your calendar!


2 Responses to “April Showers us With Great Food!”

  1. Marcia KantorowskiApril 24, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    HI Sue,
    A wonderful time again, I love looking at the pictures to remember such a great evening. The email address of my friend Liddy Olszewski, who came with me is: Liddy Olszewski
    Thank you so much and I will be hoping and thinking about you on your travels with wireman
    See You Soon
    Marcia Kantorowski

  2. RosebudApril 25, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    The food was scrumptious! Thanks SEW much for the invite!

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