Esme’s Bake & Dollar Sale!

If you just want ‘deets’ on the sale, head to the bottom of this post…

I met Esme almost six years ago at San Juan Diego Charter Academy.  Esme transferred there from her former school where she experienced some horrible bullying.  Both of us found sanctuary in the library at SJDA and we volunteered with the librarian to help her keep the shelves stocked.  After Esme graduated from SJDA, she enrolled in Catholic Central.  She’s been working very hard to keep up with her studies.  As a senior she will be dual-enrolled in the diesel program at KCTC  and Catholic Central.  Her dad is a mechanic and Esme knows her way around a junk yard.  Her goal is to open a fair and equitable repair shop that doesn’t take advantage of customers.  Great, huh?

But she has a long way to go before graduation.  Mostly she needs lots of good wishes and encouragement.  She has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and she will be the first person in her family to go to college.  Here are a few things to know about Esme.

She is incredibly generous, reliable, loyal, funny and smart.

She believes that it’s important to take care of others and work hard.

She is very proud of her Mexican culture and traditions.

She makes an amazing flan (not vegan!)

What makes her most happy is doing nice things for her family–particularly her little brother, Rafael.

She is fully bi-lingual.

She is very grateful for the sale.

Sale Details

We are planning a dollar sale on Saturday September 7 from 9-3 at 1080 Knapp.  We’re expecting customers through word of mouth.  The driveway will be open for those with physical limitations. Otherwise, you can park at the caterer’s next door or in the cemetery or on nearby Truxton Street.  Detailed parking instructions at the bottom of this post.  If you are looking to downsize and don’t want to have your own sale, please consider donating some things to ours.  All proceeds will go to Esmeralda’s Education Fund first, then In the Image will have a chance on Sunday to take whatever they like for their annual Christmas Sale for their clients, then on Monday St. Vincent de Paul is picking up the rest. f you have something that is obviously worth more than a dollar, we will have an area for those things and you can set the price…

We’re also going to have a bake sale!  If you’d like to contribute something that would be wonderful.  Think of items that would go for a dollar or maybe two for a dollar.  Send Sue a quick message at 616 635 0675–she’s keeping a list.

Most of all, we need buyers!  There are so many lovely things already

When I originally named my website ‘stirthepotgr’ I chose it because I hoped that I would branch out from plant-based food to ‘stir the pot’ in other areas.  It just so happens that helping Esme get to college is one of those areas.  I hope you will indulge me in this–or just put up with me–because if you’re a member of our supper club, you are by definition ‘nice.’  Thank you!!


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