More Holiday Recipes!

Plantsgiving was a huge success and your friends have many recipes to share with you (see the list in the bottom of this post).  Here’s a visual preview with grateful thanks to Alexianna for taking some photos for us…



It’s a little known fact that Molly Corriveau, artist extraordinaire, painted this little guy using our son Walter at 3 as a model.




And there’s Walter at 23!


The table of contents of november-2016-recipes is as follows: almond joy cookies, portobello penne pasta casserole, butternut squash ‘meatloaf’, dal mahkni (curried lentils), butternut soup, quinoa stuffing, roasted red pepper hummus, squash and brussel sprouts panzanella, pumpkin spice cream cheese dip, chickpea ratatouille, wheatberry salad, mashed potato and cauliflower with rosemary mushroom gravy, ‘no-fu’ love loaf.

Have a great holiday season everyone!



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