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Marilyn’s Vegan Faux Feta

This easy delicious appetizer from Marilyn Zimmerman proves you really can keep ‘feta’ dishes in your vegan cooking repertoire. Not sure what the magic is here, but I’ve tried tons of faux feta recipes and am still not 100% satisfied. But I loved Marilyn’s dip. It’s beautiful, easy and completely plant-based.   Marilyn’s Hummus Dip with […]

Tex-Mex Tabbouli

A delicious combination of grains and late-summer produce, this tasty salad will keep all week long. Tex-Mex Tabbouli I am notorious for not supplying my recipes to our supper club–though I promise to.  I love tabbouli, especially when there are fresh tomatoes.  This recipe is a riff off an old one I found in Bon […]

Marcia’s vegan chocolate brownies

Marcia Kantorowski is one of the nicest people I have ever met–to humans and to dogs.  When I get worried that Tillie will go for a ‘walkabout,’ I know I can always count on Marcia and her husband John to look after her.  (Sophie has figured out that she has a cush life here at […]

Morgan’s Magnificent Salad

For our first few years, Morgan was a staple ingredient at our supper clubs.  Now she is a satellite member from North Carolina.  I know wherever she goes, she will always be part of our community.  She is a treasured friend and an amazing vegan cook.  About this salad, she says: It’s great for gatherings because […]

Retreat Chocolate

So, I needed one of those desserts that would help the organization holding an afternoon luncheon and work retreat at my house say–wow, I’m never usually this alert, imaginative and creative at 3:30! Think Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters coffee and something chocolate… maybe double chocolate. And throw in some sugar–and some dates, too, in case […]

Cranberry Spice Muffins for “Just Say No to Doughnuts Week”

Cranberries, pumpkin, a lovely spice combination and optional maple glaze combine to make these decadent, moist muffins with a beautiful crumb. I’ve upped the sweetness to match the tartness of the cranberries, but you can play with that. On the other hand, this is my entree for kickin’ the doughnut habit. A couple things to […]

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