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Detroit Vegan Soul (Yes!)

Last Thursday, fellow foodie Morgan Doane and I, after listening to our friend Angela Topp rave about Detroit Vegan Soul, decided to head to the Motor City to check it out for ourselves. Morgan goes to Detroit for ball games all the time and has previously been limited to Subway. This all-vegan restaurant, begun from […]

Coconut Red Lentil Soup

Another lick-the-bottom-of-the-bowl winner from last month’s supper club was David Landrum’s Coconut Red Lentil Soup, which he got from Bon Appétit Magazine. We couldn’t find a good link, so here are the instructions below. Thank you, David! P.S. This isn’t a photo of the soup, but one like it. Discerning readers will see that David’s […]

April Showers us With Great Food!

Well the weather didn’t dampen our spirits, though it dampened everything else! I confess I am a divided hostess, with one foot in the world of vegan cooking and one foot in the world of at-risk readers. However, the rest of you were at the top of your game. Though Roger offered more succulent food […]

Bean Can Man to the Rescue!

Another exciting installment in the life of Bean Can Man I came home from the gym…starving. BUT I wanted exactly what I wanted, which was a taco salad. I wanted crunchy, creamy, chewy. Anyway. I started with Vertical Paradise baby greens. Talk about Paradise! It’s February in Michigan and I can get my hands on […]

Geoff Field’s bebimbap with amazing ‘axis of evil’ sauce

A hit at last month’s supper club, this recipe is so delicious and versatile that you can modify it with the ingredients you have on hand. Still, if you want the dish you remember from our party, you’ll need to follow Geoff’s recipe and smother it with his ‘axis of evil’ sauce. Wish I had […]

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