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German Chocolate Cake

Happy Vegan Month of Food! Let’s start with some cake. This cake is so good and so easy.  There are a million recipes for the cake.  Those Depression-era recipe testers have given us great egg-less, dairy-free chocolate cakes.  I have lots of variations, but for the base of this cake, please refer to either this […]

Happy Healthy 2013

Our supper club kicked off the new year with a big healthy bang! Below, find some of your most-requested recipes from our creative cooks. In addition to amazing food, we welcomed Jennifer Pohlmann and her husband, Tom. Jennifer is the owner of Sip Organic Juice Bar and was on hand to answer questions about juicing, […]

Grandma’s Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

No, Grandma wasn’t vegan. She never even heard the word. However, that doesn’t mean her pie can’t decide to be. This strawberry rhubarb pie, adapted from an old-timey recipe, is the perfect evocation of sweet and sour. To make it easier on you, find a vegan pie crust. Don’t get me wrong…this isn’t health food. […]

Meet the Neighbors: Jackfruit, the ‘vegetable meat’ of India.

Jackfruit is native to Asia and is difficult to get fresh here in the states.  It has been dubbed the ‘vegetable meat’ in India, because, in its unripe state, it has a stringy, chewy consistency that can replace meat in many dishes.  In honor of our supper club this evening, where I will be giving […]

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