Just in time for the big day…

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What a feast!  Our fourth annual Plantsgiving was a success with guests sitting down to with heaping plate-fulls of plant-based food throughout the house.  And who wouldn’t want to be here?  Sarah Pregitzer arrived early with our centerpiece dish…you’ll find October and November recipes below.


Here she is with the finished ‘bird,’ an enormous Hubbard squash filled with a moist quinoa and vegetable stuffing.


A few other beauties predominated.



Time to eat!



Needless to say we are more than grateful for our friends and all this bounty.


And health, of course.


Sheri Orlekoski (right) poses with Shandy Atwood Longcore (left) who brought another beautiful turkey this year (two years ago it was entirely made of vegetables).


And soon, both the birds were sadly no more…



We didn’t forget to say thanks to mom-in-law Marge Gilles for all her help readying the house for supper club this year…

IMG_6254 (2)

And have a good laugh about this carefully chosen wine contributed to the table.


As promised, here are the recipes that were contributed last month, including Buzzfeed’s Vegan Mac & Cheese, Lemony Pesto Pasta with edamame and almonds, pumpkin chutney, white bean and garlic scape dip, spinach and mushroom lasagna, seitan pot roast, fat-free mushroom gravy & pumpkin soup with cran-apple relish, : October 2015 Supper Club Recipes  And here are the Plantsgiving 2015 Recipes, including Vegan Pumpkin Cake with coconut whipped topping, 5 layer dip, Autumn salad, spinach dal, fall vegetable curry, pumpkin parfait with cashew vanilla cream, butternut squash gratin with onions and sage, quinoa stuffing with leeks, sage and sun-dried tomatoes, mini veggie meatloaves, mushroom tapenade on polenta squares, vegetable couscous & cauliflower buffalo wings!

What a great year it’s been.  We’re almost 5 years old!  See you next month at Eastern Avenue Hall everyone!  Happy Holidays.



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