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Pantry Power

It’s possible that, having been to my basement, you have a case of Pantry Envy.  It’s okay.  I would, too.  But whatever the size of your pantry, you can begin to stock up on the staples that will make whole-foods, plant-based cooking easier and more enjoyable.  Below, find my personal must-haves (if I’ve forgotten anything, […]

Vegan Ground Beef Alternative

I tinkered for months before coming up with this all-purpose all-vegan ground beef alternative.  No, it wasn’t because I’m in love with ground beef and want to replicate it.  I do this because it makes it easy for those seeking more plant-based dishes to transition their favorite ground beef recipes.  So let the deliciousness begin! […]

Meet the Neighbors: Jackfruit, the ‘vegetable meat’ of India.

Jackfruit is native to Asia and is difficult to get fresh here in the states.  It has been dubbed the ‘vegetable meat’ in India, because, in its unripe state, it has a stringy, chewy consistency that can replace meat in many dishes.  In honor of our supper club this evening, where I will be giving […]

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