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Oh dear, I seem to  have lost the photos I so hastily took at the last supper club.  So, alas, you cannot see how lovely the food looked, meet our 15 new guests!  But I did save the recipes that were shared.  And you can find my creamy oil-free tabbouleh and blueberry lemon cake experiment here:  August 2015 Recipes as well as Pat Baxter’s raw carrot cake with cashew cream frosting, CPZ’s stir fry, autumn apple salad, braised manchurian style cauliflower, blueberry cream pie, and Nancy McQuate’s beet salad.  I even made the recipes upside-down to engage more lobes of your brain!

I also noticed how many people loved Kim Enoch’s mock chicken salad and when she described it to me, I felt it could be replicated–somewhat–using this recipe from FatFree Vegan.  I can’t wait to try it.  The reason Kim can’t provide us with a recipe is that she is too busy getting ready for Grand Rapids’ first-ever VegFest!  I’m delighted to be participating and it promises to be a really exciting way to connect vegan/vegetarian friendly businesses and consumers.

It’s been a busy summer, but I’ve had time to reflect on the vision we had when we began this supper club.  Meet nice people, eat good food, enjoy life. We notice all the lovely things you do, such as bringing an extra bottle of wine, making extra food for our first-time guests,  over-tipping the students for folks who forget, welcoming new guests.  We are so appreciative!  But this month, I just have to show you how thoughtful! you can really be.  See above Jim’s drawing for our empty pond.  We asked for suggestions and Jim came up with two detailed plans.  Thank you!



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