Marcia’s vegan chocolate brownies

Marcia Kantorowski is one of the nicest people I have ever met–to humans and to dogs.  When I get worried that Tillie will go for a ‘walkabout,’ I know I can always count on Marcia and her husband John to look after her.  (Sophie has figured out that she has a cush life here at 1080 Knapp).  Marcia contributed this delicious brown recipe to enjoy.  So easy.  So delicious!



¾ cup roasted almonds (can substitute sunflower seeds for nut allergies)

1 cup raisins or other dried fruit

½ cup rolled oats

3-4 TBLS. Cocoa powder

8-10 pitted dates

9-10 spinach leaves


Place all ingredients in blender or processor and mix until it becomes moist and sticky.  Press into pan with a large spoon and store covered in refrigerator.  Cut into squares to serves. The size of the pan depends on desired thickness of brownies.


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