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How the time flies… 6 glorious years of supper clubs

If you are new to this page, please note that we’ve suspended our regularly monthly supper clubs but love to gather everyone together periodically.

Below find some helpful information

*Please note NEW parking instructions below–if you don’t, it will cost you!*

Come to our Grand Rapids area Vegan Supper Club.  Seriously.  You don’t have to be vegan, just willing to eat that way for one night.  You can do this!

Folks usually arrive at 6pm, have a drink and chat, and we gather for dinner around 6:30pm. The party rages until about 8:30-9pm.

Anyone is welcome.

We have a few rules, which have served us well.

  1. Please be nice. Do not let anyone feel unwelcome or sit alone. Extend yourself and meet new friends.
  2. First-timers don’t have to bring anything, but others should bring a plant-based dish. This can be simple or elaborate, but it must be plant-based (no meat, eggs, dairy). We mark all dishes for common allergens: corn, soy, mushroom, nut. If you are eating oil-free as well as plant-based, there will be dishes for you.
  3. Bring whatever you like to drink.
  4. We try to be zero waste, which means there are a fair amount of dishes–for the last few events, we’ve asked recent college grads to do the dishes for tips. We hope to raise enough to pay them each $10/hour, which means $2-3 per person (not couple, but person) For those of us who’ve seen many supper clubs, this is the happiest arrangement we have found–the younguns appreciate the money and free food and we’re not left with a boatload of dishes to clean the next day–nor guests the guilt of leaving us with them.
  5. Leave the kiddos at home during the indoor months. Kids are welcome in summer months! As much as we dearly love children, we don’t have enough room to include them when everyone is inside.  If you have foodie older kids or teens, by all means, bring them!

Event Details

The location is our home: Sue and Roger’s 1080 Knapp Street, NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505. We are located on the south side of Knapp Street, between Fuller and Diamond and across from the cemetery. View map on Contact page.

Parking is a little tricky. The driveway can be treacherous in winter.  People often get stuck, so please do not plan to park there. We do have permission to park in the strip mall just to the east of the house. Above & Beyond Catering has left the premises, so for the time being, parking there is free and fine.

The map below indicates other legal spaces to park, including in the cemetery across the street (we have checked this with the GRPD.) Note the entrance to the cemetery is north on Diamond.  Please be respectful and don’t block anyone or tear up grass.

Since Knapp Street has been re-surfaced, what used to be parking in front of the house is now a bike path.  You will get a ticket if you park on Knapp in front of the house. fIn addition to the spaces above, you can also park on Diamond and Truxton (as indicated by my highly techie pink marker here)

We try to reserve the driveway for drop-offs and folks with mobility issues.  If this is you, email and we will help you find a close place to park.  Don’t let mobility stop you.  We have loads of volunteers who will help you.

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