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“Each winter I try to learn something ‘new’ for myself, and this winters’ project was making Vegan Cheese! Imagine my delight when Sue Stauffacher offered a Cheese Class in her home. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! Attending Sue’s Cheese Class at her home was very comfortable and filling! Four of us gathered around Sue’s dining table loaded with several types of cheese samples along with crackers made by one of the students that were perfect for the occasion!

Being an instructor myself, I found Sue very organized and prepared. As she went thru her experiences of making cheeses she was able to show us samples of almost everything in the recipes as the ingredients were right there in her home. We each participated in making a batch of Cashew Cheese that we were able to take home. This made the class very personal and comfortable for each of us.  We each departed with several printed recipes, a sample of fermented wheat berries, and plenty of cashew cheese. I look forward to attending more of Sue’s hands-on classes in her home. Thank you, Sue!”

– Rosebud

“Most of us desire to eat a healthy diet, but changing our old old way of eating to something better can be challenging. We have found taking plant based cooking classes from Sue has been a great motivator. Her knowledge is extensive, and her style of teaching is fun and down to earth. You not only learn how to include plant based meals into your diet, but learn time saving tips and cooking skills. A bonus to taking her classes was learning about a plant based supper club she hosts in lovely old home. We not only enjoy a delicious potluck meal, but meet interesting people who share their knowledge. Meeting and learning from Sue has been a great experience.”

– Ruth and Terry Terpsma (pictured left)


“I’ve taken two of Sue’s cheese-making classes and her class on plant-based gifts. Sue is a vibrant instructor, full of story, and very knowledgeable about her topics. I always walk away from the class having learned new things, sampled some delicious food, and with recipes in hand, really excited (and well-equipped) to try things at home!”

– Kelly LeCoy




“I started going to the Plant Based Supper Club soon after my Doctor told me to lose weight and lower my cholesterol. Based on what I learned about plant based food from Sue and other PBSC friends, I decided to convert to a mostly vegan diet, and in so doing, I lost the weight and lowered the cholesterol, just like the Doctor ordered. But the fact of the matter is I go each month to Sue’s event for the fun of it. These are great people who have built a community based on friendship as well as food.”

– Geoff Fields



“I received my Artisan Cheese book today. I am so excited to start making my own cheeses!  I am almost through the cashew cream cheese. Jeff is enjoying it as well.  I have made 2 batches of the nacho cheese. The last one was today on my lunch break because I wanted to share it with a co-worker whose hubby is lactose intolerant. She thought it was really good!  (thumbs up).

Tonight, for dinner with friends, our appetizer was the Nacho Cheese Dip.  Kasey loved it!  She said that it really tasted like cheese to her.  I also opened the cashew cream cheese we made tonight. We all finger-tasted it and it was soooo yummy!  I think that tomorrow I will make fettuccine and mix in the cream cheese.  It will feel like I am being naughty and cheating! What a fun thing! My Saturday is so full but I will make time to enjoy the things you have taught me.”

– Beth and Jeff Kruiz

“I have attended several of Sue’s classes; including the Vegan Cheese making class in her home.  Sue is a thoughtful, prepared and interesting instructor.  Her home is a beautiful and comfortable place to come and learn.  I would encourage anyone to attend her classes (especially those in her home) and learn about the delicious world of ‘Food you love that loves you back.'”

– Elizabeth Pitzer




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I have taken 10 different classes from Sue. Sue teaches each class from a wealth of knowledge in plant based cooking. I have taken everything from Vegan Cheese to Indian Cooking. I have found each class to be a fun learning environment with many delicious. All the recipes that we make in the classes are easy to make and healthy. Sue is very willing to learn from people in the classes also. Sue can easily laugh at herself like the time she forgot her cover for the vitamix and tried to use the tapper without it and chewed up some of the tapper. Sue has taught everything from Vegan Gruyere to Ocean Chowder. The Gruyere was delicious and you would not know the difference from dairy cheese. The Chowder did taste like clam chowder; I had my doubts until I actually tried it. I will take more classes from Sue. If you want to learn to cook or learn to cook plant based healthy meals I can highly recommend taking a class or more from Sue.

-Judy Trailer

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