What a great time we had at Grand Valley’s student-led Veg-Out! last Saturday. Ray Kusmack and a team from the Aramark Catering Staff did wonderful demos of smoothies, hummus, guacamole and spaghetti squash. So tasty.

There were lots of informative booths about the Farm Project at GVSU… here’s Roger at the table.

Farm Table

And Meatless Monday was there, too…

Meatless Monday

Roger and I talked about our nearly 30 year journey as plant-based eaters. Roger told the students they were living in a golden age with vegan restaurants and menus and a heightened awareness of the healthiness of eating more plants and less meat. I told the students that I loved animals, people and food, but hated to argue. Therefore I was doing my bit by providing delicious food. (It is not strictly legal, but we pled ignorance of the law and brought out homemade bread, vegan gruyere; kale, navy bean & artichoke dip; and cashew cream cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted garlic.

sampling cheese

The vegan gruyere was a big hit, with many coming back for seconds and thirds.

line for cheese

We agreed to do a mini supper club at Grand Valley with the students and I promised to do a cheesemaking demo. But we’re also hoping to see them at Plantsgiving. Special thanks to Ray, chef Zach Dodsen from Bartertown, student Bryan Smigielski for his thoughtful talk about mindful consumption, Seva Yoga, and organizers Emma Gasinski, Sarah Craven, and Bryan Smigielski for getting us involved.

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