We crushed Plantsgiving!

Well, we never know.  We set up for about 50 and then see what happens.  Last night more than 50!  But who can say.  We didn’t run out of delicious food, fellowship or fun.  It was lovely to see many of our old friends and to meet new ones.  Thank you for coming!  If you like to plan! mark these dates for 2019–July 17 and November 20th.  We can’t promise as we don’t know our own plans, but the 3rd Wednesday in July and the 3rd Wednesday in November are probably the most likely dates for more supper clubs at Sue & Roger’s…

So what happened?  Medha and I made Miyoko’s Un-turkey, following her instructions on this video.  The Un-turkey is seitan over a pile of stuffing all covered in a yuba (soy milk) skin.  Here’s the ‘bird’ before and after cooking…

It was a lot of work, but with help from friends Valerie and Rosebud, who carved, it turned out beautifully.

Some crowd shots…and then photos of all recipes left behind.

Of course you could skip all the raggedy clippings below and buy this!  What a labor of love, a fundraiser for plant-based roots and chock full of delicious recipes.  You need this!  Congrats to Rosebud and her team!  Order your very own copy at this link. Happy 2019 Everyone!


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